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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

– Pearl Automation

Innovation Review

PearlTM  RearVision – Wireless backup camera and alert system

The Pearl RearVision is a revolutionary smart wireless device that was founded by three former Apple team leaders, where they developed game-changing, life-altering products for iPod and iPhone.  Pearl Automation is a unique device which was design and built for autonomous vehicles in helping driver by giving added confidence behind the wheel, so that drivers could enjoy driving and be less stressful.  What is unique about the RearVision is that it installs in minutes and leverages hardware you likely already have: Smartphone and you car’s diagnostic port.

There are plenty of third-party backup cameras on the market that are more affordable but a vast majority of cameras use wires for power and connectivity.  A few wireless cameras that are on the market tend to be subpar in image quality and resolution.

To provide a best-in-class after-market solution, Pearl developed a completely wireless backup camera system that hits on all of the weak points of current backup cameras:  RearVision cost US$499/- is entirely wireless, dead simple to install, uses your smartphone as a high-resolution display, offers collision alerts, and relies on both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to transfer live images on the fly. The best part is that device able to be transferred from car to car.  Has a well-designed mobile app to provide seamless functions.

Once installation is completed, you plug the car adapter into the OBD port in your Car (this is usually directly under your steering wheel), When you turn your car on, the car adapter will turn the camera on and you can connect to it as you would a WIFI network.  Then you operate the camera through the Pearl app (available through itunes or the Google Play store).

Design and Features:

Pearl RearVision system consist of a License plate holder bracket, the camera frame, an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) adapter, magnetic phone mounts, and peel-and-stick metal mounting plates for your smartphone.  You also get an Allen wrench tool for securing the camera frame to your rear of the car. The top panel contains two weatherproof HD cameras, one that is optimized for daytime video and one that is infrared for night.  Each camera uses a 1/3-inches CMOS sensor and has a 175-degree field of view.  They use 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless circuitry to send video to the OBD adapter.

The bottom panel sports a Pearl logo and contains a solar panel that supplies power to the cameras and to a Lithium-ion battery that stores power for those days when sunlight is in short supply.  Tucked away on the underside of the frame is a USB cable that can be used to recharge the battery if it runs out of juice; simply remove the camera frame from the car and plug the cable into any USB charger for around five hours to bring it up to 100 percent. The OBD adapter is black and measures 1.9 by 1.8 by 0.9 inches.  It contains Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios that communicate with the cameras and your smartphone, an accelerometer, and an eight-core CPU that uses algorithms to calculate distance based on the video it receives from the cameras.  It also has a built-in speaker that emits a tone when an obstacle is detected.

The RearVision works with the iPhone 5 (and newer) with iOS 9.0 (and later), and Android phones running version 5.0 (Lollipop) and newer.  Your car must have an OBD-II port, which became standard issue in the US after 1996. The app is well designed and easy to use.  It opens to a screen with two portrait views (wide and ultra-wide) of the area to the rear of your car.  When you flip the phone to landscape mode you get a single image that fills the screen. Tapping the screen launches on-screen controls for adjusting the vertical angle and toggling between views.  At the bottom of the screen are icons for switching between day and night modes, toggling alerts on and off, and entering the settings menu.

While backing up you get an audible alert and the video becomes rippled if there’s an object detected within 6.5 feet of your car.  You get another audio and ripple alert at 4 feet, and at 2 feet the audio alert becomes continuous and the image on the screen is framed by a red border, indicating it’s time to stop before you hit something (or somebody). When you are done backing up the live view is replaced by the App Launcher screen, which contains four customizable links to your favorite driving-related apps.  For example, you can add Apple or Google Maps, Spotify or Apple Music, and more.  You can set the launcher to appear after 30, 45, 60, or 90 seconds in the settings menu, and it automatically appears when the car is traveling at 10mph or faster.

The Obstacle Aware feature helps pinpoint the exact distance between your car and an object.

Performance: ​ RearVision system on Daytime video is very sharp with great colour quality, and night video is crisp and detailed, with good contrast.  Obstruction alerts are very accurate. The cameras provide a much wider (and clearer) rear view of the area. To get to know Pearl RearVision product in detail check out by visiting Pearls website at https://pearlauto.com/rearvision

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