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Productivity Investigation: Karaoke Robots

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

In this episode, our team is studying high tech mobile karaoke robots! This robotic karaoke station is unique and completely self-operated without assistant from a human operator. We interviewed the maintenance person who is cleaning and maintaining the mobile karaoke station.

The maintenance person shared with us that this high tech karaoke system allows 2 people to be seated in it and the door can be closed. The station is only slightly bigger than a vending machine! This is amazing, our government effort in driving technology and innovation is paying off, we now could enjoy affordable karaoke in many locations if the system is duplication at multiple locations.  The system is also soundproof, it does not affect the environment when the doors are closed and the people are happily seated singing away. And the system will be updated with many new songs and has a huge database of songs. 

The seats were comfortable and the mics were effective and the experience was great. Customers could also choose to listen to music to calm themselves done if they feel stressed. This a new karaoke user experience, a very creative and innovative one. We hope more SME will explore the different types of services to make use of such robotic machines to increase their innovation and productivity capabilities

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