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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

- The Invasion Of Robot Masseurs At TCM Clinics!

A new trend that is emerging in Singapore among Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinics where robots are used as masseurs that mimics human touch when it comes to TCM massage. The robots are a cheaper way for TCM massage treatment.  The Robot Is simply called EMMA in short for Expert Manipulative Automation, consists of a well-designed robotic arm extending from a machine that is able to dole out back and knee massages. Emma was launched on October 9, 2017 at NovaHealth Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic which is located at One Raffles Place.  Patients stepping into NovaHealth TCM can now expect to be served by Emma the robotic masseuse. The robot was built by AiTreat, a start-up incubated by Nanyang Technological University, and was in the developmental phase for about two years.  The robot is particularly good for neck and neck massages and is a great way to relieve a patient’s muscle strains and injuries. Emma has a built-in 3D-steroscopic camera which allows it to ‘see’ aside from multiple sensors and diagnostic functions.  Furthermore, the EMMA’s designers have safety features built into it to work in tandem with advanced pressure sensors and ensure comfort and safety at all times. Emma is fully equipped to measure and analyse the stiffness of muscles and tendons as well as the progress of any one patient; such data may be uploaded to AiTreat’s propriety cloud-based intelligence platform for analysis and research purposes. In time to come, Sports therapy clinics will use such robots as these clinics are currently facing a shortage of trained therapists, while also contending with the need to consistently deliver high quality therapy. This approach is not to replace sports massage therapist but hope that Emma will allow them to instead treat multiple patients at a time.  

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