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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Robots Selling Pets’ Food

In this episode, our team is studying robots that sell pets’ food. With huge improvements in the cashless payment system and the rise of robotic vending technology, we are seeing a sudden surge in the number and varieties of vending machines dispensing all kinds of products. The machine we are studying in this episode has a superb cashless payment system that allows you to use a huge range of payment systems, from Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Ezlink and NETS.

Surprising we found some pet owners queuing to purchase food for their fishes. We began asking them questions. One buyer shared with us, he said he loves the machine because it is convenient and it can accept Google Pay or Apple Pay and this is an advancement of technology compared to the past whereby we use NETS or traditional credit cards.

Another user shared that the machine is very convenient and he does not need to travel to a far location to purchase these common fish foods. He said that with more such machines available in many locations in Singapore, it will increase convenience for many pet owners.

With greater user acceptance, we are will be seeing many more machines dispense many different types of products. Due to the rising cost of retail space, some businesses are changing their methods of reaching out to the customer, they are now switching to product vending robots. 

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