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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Smart Robot That Bridges Elderly Patients With Doctors Remotely To Receive Medical Care In Singapore

The world’s population is ageing fast and Singapore is no exception.  An aging population in Singapore poses challenges to the healthcare and elderly care services.  To ensure future sustainability of these services, the government aims to create an environment conducive to active ageing, enabling ‘ageing in the place as the core, institutional care as back-up’.  Gerontechnology, a combination of elderly services and innovative technology, is increasingly seen as a key strategy to help fulfil the needs of an ageing population through technological interventions.

Many places around the world have begun to explore, develop and implement technology solutions that raise the efficiency of elderly care services while enabling an active and healthy living of the elderly. Singapore healthcare sector teaming up with AI innovative companies is leading the way to meet the needs of the elderly here.

Raising productivity in the healthcare sector is one of the key strategies of the healthcare manpower plan in Singapore through the use of technology. This will drive the digital transformation of healthcare, and provide integrated care solution that is effective, safe and secure for elderly society here.

An innovative new technology created by German company, TUV SUD, will soon allow seniors in Singapore to receive medical care in the comfort of their own home.  The technology is dubbed Smart Elderly @ Home Centre was launched on 27 October 2017 at its headquarters in Science Park Drive.

The centre offers a platform for the company to test the safety, security and reliability of its products. TUV SUD’s chairman, Dr Axel Stepken echoed, “Countries like Singapore have limited resources in healthcare, so we have to leverage to care for the aged in our society.”

The robot with a high-resolution LCD screen features a camera will breach an elderly patient to doctors from the comfort of their homes that will enable physicians to monitor patient’s medicine intake and to talk ‘face-to-face’ with patients.  Hence, the robots can effectively assist doctors in delivering diagnosis to patients with peace of mind, surrounded by their loved ones without leaving their homes.

It is a powerful tool for healthcare specialists to teach patients physiotherapy.  The robots have been built with network of sensors and screens to help doctors monitor patients’ vital signs. It is designed with important safety feature that are medically and technically safe for use.

TUV SUD has team up with participating partners from the healthcare industry: Camanio Care, Gevity, Innovating Care Asia Pacific, Jireh Group, Lotus Eldercare, Napier healthcare, NTUC Health, Rohde & Schwarz, SMU-TCS iCity Lab, SoundEye and NSEE. The robot will be an extension for hospitals and nursing homes to better care for the elderly at home.  It allows elderly citizens to age-in-place and lives independently and thus reduction of healthcare costs.

Family: The robot helps family members keeping connected to the well-being of their parents.  Family can also be able to track life and health conditions of their parents; movement, location, scream and bed-exit.

Hospitals / Care Service Agency:

Hospitals and Care Service agencies can remotely tele-monitoring / tele-rehabilitation for the elderly.  Nurses can track life and health conditions of the elderly: movement, location, scream, bed-exit, heart-rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight, body-fat percentage, body water, bone mass and muscle mass. The robot can help patients and caregivers a feeling that there is always a doctor there if they need it. It certainly takes the strain off the Healthcare sector’s manpower resources as well as the caregivers.  This will be the future of home care!

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