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Productivity Improvement In An Area Of Public Sector

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

In this edition, we like to explore a certain area of the public sector that had effectively boost productivity. Productivity is not just about robots or machines, it is also about systems and the planning of infrastructures to allow access to the fullest range of affordable goods and services for both public or private sectors.

We recently received a tip-off from the ground that there is a wonderful communal space that has effectively served the needs of the public. Heartbeat@Bedok is one of the largest integrated complexes in Singapore. It is one of the most effective communal spaces in Singapore and its productivity in integrating a large range of social services are commendable. ​Heartbeat@Bedok is highly productive in the organisation and distribution of social services like healthcare, elderly care, sports, community and recreation services

We took the opportunity to explore  the heartbeat@bedok in the afternoon and the Health Promotion Board was having a massive event to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Many people were participating and receiving free gifts. We interviewed some residents, they were pleased with the integrated facilities and the convenience it brings to their lives. The residents were particularly happy with the polyclinic, library, sports centre, senior care centre and affordable restaurants.

We decided to check out the “affordable” restaurants. To our surprise, the sushi restaurant was selling at $1.50 for each dish, this is by far the most affordable sushi restaurant in Singapore. The western food was affordable too and you can get a plate of western food at $9.50. We had lunch at the western food restaurant and we agreed that it is both affordable and more delicious than most western food restaurants in Singapore.

Heartbeat@bedok is integrated with services such as a polyclinic for affordable health care, a senior care centre to continually care for the ageing population, an affordable childcare centre to continually aid the working mothers, an affordable sports centre at a fraction of private gym to help the citizens to have a healthy lifestyle. It also has a community club ( People's Association ’s Kampong Chai Chee Community Club ) to cater to the various social, physical and mental needs of the residents.

Unlike shopping complexes which have fully air-conditioned walk-ways and event halls, the Heartbeat@Bedok uses large energy-saving ceiling fans to cool its communal spaces. The residents that we interviewed express their preference for such an energy saving concept to a full air-conditioning concept. They were particularly happy that the communal space is highly productive in integrating health care, elderly care, child care, library services, sports and community activities together in one affordable location.

We concluded that with efficient planning, such energy-saving communal spaces like Heartbeat@Bedok can be highly productive in the organisation and distribution of social services like healthcare, elderly care, sports, community and recreation services.

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