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An Investigation On A Hawker Centre's Robotisation

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Hawker centres are using robots to save manpower! Yes, this is true and it is fascinating! Our team went to one of the hawker Centre to investigate. As you can see from the pictures below that the entire hawker centre is using this red coloured self-payment kiosk which is a type of robot or productivity boosting machinery that collects payment and deliver the change of dollars or coins automatically.

We bought some food, interviewed some hawkers and gathered valuable insight and feedback. The hawkers could now better concentrate on their food quality, cut down on the need for an additional manpower to collect and change money. The machine is a pretty simple one but yet it is a productivity robot capable of eradicating the need for a foreign worker to collect money and every stall in this hawker centre is equipped with one machine. We see an ocean of red kiosks in the whole hawker centre. 

Every stall in Ci Yuan Hawker Center is equipped with this type of self-payment kiosk. The machine is fast and automatic.

We called up Ci Yuan Community Club to find out more on this as there are logos of this government community club on the screen of every self-payment kiosks. The community club staff were polite and they explained to us about their cooperation with a food management company that has been successful in helping the hawkers to transform. The food management company name is called Fei Siong Food Management Pte Ltd. ​ On further research, we discovered that the Hawker Centre has also been equipped with a free wifi zone from stalls #01-38 to #01-43. We are simply amazed by the rapid transformation of a hawker centre’s productivity and innovation. Certainly, a free wifi zone in a traditional hawker centre is almost unheard of. Indeed this is a revolutionary and innovative fresh idea.

The Ci Yuan Community Club and Fei Siong Food Management Pte Ltd’s productivity initiative has been an encouraging one. The hawkers are opened to the ​self-payment kiosk and they said this has helped them to reduce manpower and also helped them to increase their productivity and quality of food. It has also lessened the long queue in some stalls.

If the hawkers who are the smallest scale in the SMEs sector could make good use of robots to increase their productivity and quality, how much more can larger SMEs benefit from relevant robots or high-tech productivity machines! May all our SMEs march towards greater innovation and automation!

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