Council Members or Judges ​

Chairman Charles Chandar | Singapore Enterprise Association

Chairman Charles Chandar graduated with a MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Harvard University (Harvard Business School). He was one of the rare talent in Singapore that managed to enter into the world's top university - Harvard University. His expertise in the area of business management is an asset. He is a council advising member of the Singapore Enterprise Association. He was formerly a senior management consultant with Arthur Anderson Associates. In the glorious days of Arthur Anderson, it hired 85,000 staff worldwide and had a top revenue of 9.3 billion USD.  He was responsible in developing the organisation’s training doctrines for its Business Practices and for Asia Pacific region to be trained in Strategic planning & thinking concepts in information Management for multi-national corporations in these regions. He is currently the Chairman of the Singapore Enterprise Association.

Professor Dr. Karl | Singapore Enterprise Association

Professor Dr. Karl is the former Managing Director of the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV ) – Singapore campus at the Singapore National Library. He is the current Dean of Imperial International Hotel School. He is also a council advising member of the Singapore Enterprise Association. As a leading expert in the casino/hospitality/tourism industry, he held several posts of directorships in hospitality companies and the position of professorship in one of the top tourism universities i.e. UNLV. Through his decade of experience as a leading hospitality business researcher, CEOs and general managers of hotels and hospitality companies often consult him. He had published several academic journals on his research on hospitality business etc. He had led as a Regional Director of F&B for Sheraton Astrodome Hotel/Patriot-American Hospitality and Director of Food & Beverage Projects for Harrah's Entertainment. Formerly, he was the Head of Hospitality Management Department from the International University of Applied Science.

Bernard Lee | Singapore Enterprise Association

Bernard Lee graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Masters of Engineering Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the world's top university.  He completed his Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering First Class Honors; (Institute of Civil Engineers, UK, South Western Prize). He  achieved an Overseas Merit Scholarship for University studies by the Public Service Commission of Singapore (PSC OMS Scholarship). He formerly served the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Finance. He was the former CEO of  (International Partnerships) for ​Huttons Asia Pte Ltd. He is currently the Senior Vice President of a SGX Mainboard Listed company's subsidiary real estate firm, ERA. He is also a keynote speaker & Council Advising Member of the Singapore Enterprise Association.  In 2005, he finished his Tsinghua Executive Program for Senior Government Officials from Tsinghua University.

Professor Dr Foo Check Teck | Singapore Enterprise Association

Professor Dr Foo Check Teck is a former NTU professor and currently a research professor at Shanghai Center of Innovation and Governance, Fudan University and Consulting Professor, China Patent Center, Hunan University

Professor Dr Foo Check Teck LLB (Hons, London) MBA (Finance, City University of London: Postgraduate Award Winner), PhD (1990; Strategy) University of St Andrews, UK a polymath (Renaissance Man, Straits Times). He is the founding Editor of Chinese Management Studies. He is an expert in the business art of war (Sun Tzu). He was formerly one of the assistant director of Singapore’s National Productivity Board. He is currently a council advising member of the Singapore Enterprise Association. ​ 

As a former NTU professor, he founded the world’s first Mind of Sun Tzu program at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His doctoral thesis was on corporate strategy: Organizing Strategy: Sun Tzu Business Warcraft was chosen by Blackwell in Oxford, England as Book of the Month and later Spring’s Choice. The work sparked world-wide publicity and press interest. His Reminiscences of an Ancient Strategist: Mind of Sun Tzu was chosen by World Review for reading by top leaders. 
BBC Global Finance interviewed him for his deep insights. Mind of Sun Tzu won the top national, Singapore’s NBDCS book prize. The book is later translated into Russian language. He appeared on the US History Channel TV on interpreting Art of War for major battles such as in the Second World War. Professor Dr Foo was invited under China’s talent program to be Research Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology (2012-2015). In the last few years he had been Visiting Professor across many Chinese universities such as University of Science and Technology as well as Jiao-Tong (Taiwan). Prior to China, he had held Distinguished, Honorary, Consulting and Visiting Professors across Europe, USA and Asia.

James Wong | Singapore Enterprise Association

James Wong is the former CEO of Singapore Manufacturers' Association’s School of Management and Centre of Corporate learning. Singapore Manufacturers' Association (SMA) was renamed to Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF). He was also appointed both as Adjunct Professor of Murdoch University in Australia and Fujian Normal University in China. He is also a lead Auditor for certification of quality assurance in ISO 9001, 14001, 180001 and Edutrust services in Singapore.  His other areas of academic and transnational education involvements include lecturing in numerous universities over period of 12 years across cultural diversity of 9 countries and previously held Adjunct professorships appointments in Murdoch University, Australia and Fujian Normal University in China.   James is the Senior Associate of WADEmathesonTM. Based in Singapore, and he joined WADEmathesonTM in 2015. Trained as a Chartered Builder and Chartered Marketer from UK.  James has over 28 years of significant senior management experience.​